About Grant Uses

Each year the Foundation’s Trustees select the four young women, one from among the students at each of Fitzie’s four schools, who the Trustees believe reflect many of Fitzie’s outstanding qualities.

A Fitzie Foundation grant will hopefully enable a recipient to engage in activities, which are unique, enriching and perhaps otherwise unattainable. The Trustees and each recipient will determine together the most appropriate use of her Foundation grant.

While the Trustees recognize the high cost of education today, they encourage the recipient to use the grant for a purpose other than tuition, books, room, or board. With this in mind, the Foundation is flexible as to when a recipient uses her grant. This experience might include such things as travel or living abroad, lessons in a master class or other instruction in a field where she has shown extraordinary promise. Past recipients have used their grants for a broad range of activities such as lessons in music, art, or photography, research in the Galapagos, or documentary film work in South Africa.

It is the hope of the Trustees that whatever a recipient does with her grant, the memory of her experience will leave a lasting impression.

Grant Uses:

Tenacre Country Day School (PDF)

Dana Hall (PDF)

Harvard College (PDF)

Harvard Business School (PDF)