List of Friends

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Addison
Dr. and Mrs. E.H. Ahrens
Mrs. Cheryl Dyer Alexander
Major Jeffrey T. Allison and Ms. Carole Haggerty Allison*
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Andrews, III
Mr. and Mrs. James I. Anthony
Mr. Frank Aronno
Mr. David Asack
Mr. and Mrs. John Ashby
Atlantic Mgmt.Corporation and
Echoing Green Foundation
Atlantic Ritchfield
Dr. J. Edwin Atwood
Mr. and Mrs. Josiah L. Auspitz
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Avery
Ms. Celeste L. Bagley
Ms. Janet M. Bailey
Mr. William W. Bain, Jr.
Ms. Margaret A. Baine
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baird
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Ballard
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Bancroft
Sir John and Lady Banham
Mr. Stephen L. Barlow
Mr. and Mrs. Donald V. Barrett
Mr. Kenneth G. Bartels and Ms. Jane Condon
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Bartlett
Mr. Fredrick D. Barton and Ms. Kit Lunney
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barton
Ms. June Barwick
M. Pierre Basch
Mme. Suzanne Basch
Mr. Christopher Bastis
Ms. Kathleen Bastis
Mr. Paul R. Baudisch
Mr. and Mrs. E. Brand Beacham
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Bentley
Mr. and Mrs. Ennius E. Bergsma
Mr. Amar Bhide
Ms. Angela M. Biever
Mr. John R. Bise IV and Ms. Jane Bowen Bise
Mr. and Mrs. H. Rogers Bishop
Mr. and Mrs. George S. Bissell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bissell
Mr. William Cunningham Bissell
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Bjelland
Ms. Catherine V. Blake and Mr. Michael E. Gilson
Ms. Corinne B. Blake
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Blake
Ms. Donna L. Bloniarz
Ms. Kathy D. Bohnen
Mr. Theodore G. Bohnen
Ms. Jan Booth
Mr. Marvin Bower
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin T. Boyd, Jr.
Ms. Margaret Boyer Liftik* and Mr. Michael E. Liftik
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. Mike E. Brandeberry
Mrs. J. Dante Brebbia
Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Brecher
Justice Stephen G. Breyer and Dr. Joanna Breyer
Mr. Peter S. Briggs
Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert L. Brodsky
Ms. Eileen B. Brody*
Mrs. Adrian Broggini
Ms. Virginia Broggini
Dr. Edward B. Bromfield
Mr. W. Anthony Brooke and Ms. Victoria C. Huber
Mr. and Mrs. Wendell R. Brooks
Mr. John J. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brown
Ms. Jennifer Brumage Tombaugh*
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Brunie
Mr. Lowell L. Bryan
Mr. Blair T. Bryant
Mr. Robert Bulkeley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Bulkin
Mr. and Mrs. John Bunce
Mr. and Mrs. Howard D. Burnett
The Honorable and Mrs. George H.W. Bush
Mr. Neil M. Bush
Ms. Sharon Bush
Mr. Richard T. Button
Dr. and Mrs. George P. Cahill
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Cahill
Mr. John M. Canaday
Mr. Mark F. Cancian
Mr. Richard A. Candee, Jr.
Mr. Lincoln W. Caplan, II
Dr. and Mrs. Philip D. Carey
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Carlson
Ms. Evelyn L. Carroll
Ms. Tai T. Casagrande*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Cashin
Mr. Richard E. Cavanagh
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred D. Chandler, Jr.
Mr. G. Donald Chandler, III
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Y. Chapin
Mr. Reid G. Chapman
Mr. Purnendu Chatterjee
Mr. Kimball C. Chen
Mr. and Mrs. Benoit J. Chereau
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Chiles
Ms. Elizabeth Christel
Citizens Energy Corp.
Mr. Henry A. Clark, III
Mr. James M. Clark, Jr.
Mr. Donald K. Clifford, Jr.
Mr. Livy M. Coe
Ms. Mary B.W. Coe
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Cohen
Mr. Edwin Cohen
Ms. Victoria Cohen
Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts
Mr. and Mrs. Terence Considine
Mrs. D.F. Cook
Mr. Edward J. Cook
Mr. William D.T. Cowan
Ms. Christine Cowan-Gascoigne
Ms. Elizabeth Kay Spencer Crabb
Mr. and Mrs. Alex M. Cranberg
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Crimi
Mr. Joseph F. Cullman
Ms. Erin M. Cunningham*
Mr. and Mrs. Walter J.P. Curley
Mr. Stephen J. Dale
Ms. Ana R. Daniel
Mr. D. Ronald Daniel
Daniel Family Foundation
Davenport & Company
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Daum
Mr. Charles L. Davidson, III
Mr. William H. Davidson
Mr. Kim G. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Davis
Mr. F. George Davitt and Ms. Lynda Ceremsak
Mrs. M. E. Dawley
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Day
Mr. and Mrs. James C. De Belina
Ms. Joanne Elfers DeBoer
Mr. Robert Deflavio
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Denning
Mr. Philip Y. Denormandie
Mr. and Mrs. E. Rickert Devereux Jr.
Mr. Steven F. Dichter
Mr. and Mrs. Will K. Dick
Ms. Lou Diekemper
Mr. and Mrs William W. Dillard
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Dillard, Jr.
Ms. Emily DiMaggio
Mr. Peter J. DiMaggio
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Donahue
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Donohue
Mr. Michael P. Dowling
The Dowling Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Henry Doyle
Mr. Stephen P. Doyle
Mr. Rush W. Dozier, Jr.
Ms. Margaret Driscoll
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Drourr
Mr. Talmadge Dryman
Mr. Robert C. Ducommun
The Ducommun and Gross Family Foundation
Mrs. Christopher Duncan
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Dunne
Ms. Regina Durrazo
Mr. Philip H. Dutter
Mr. and Mrs. Breckenridge Eagle
Mr. Richard W. Edelman
Mr. and Mrs. William Edmunds
Ms. April S. Edwards
Elfers Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip A. Ellis
Hon. Keith P. Ellison
Mr. and Mrs. Jon T. Elsasser
Dr. Ann Engelland
Ms. Michela A. English
Mr. Thomas I. Escott
F.B. Harvey Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Crawford Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Field-Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. Charles W. Findlay
Ms. Evelyn M. Finnegan
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Finnegan
The Finnegan Foundation
Mr. Robert S. Finnegan
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Fish
Mr. Hamilton Fish
Mr. and Mrs. Pieter A. Fisher
Mr. John R. Fitzgerald and Ms. Margaret N. St.Clair
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Flaherty
Mr. Peter G. Flaherty II and Mrs. Jennifer Mugar Flaherty
Mr. Robert A. Flohr
Mr. Thomas C. Foley
Mr. George H. Foote
Mr. and Mrs. Charles U. Foster
Mr. Richard N. Foster
Mr. Martin A. Fox and Ms. Ellen T. Graff
Mr. and Mrs. Russell P. Fradin
Mrs. T.E. Freston, Jr.
Mrs. Marie Froug
Dr. Nenah E. Fry
Mr. David Fubini
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Fubini
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Fuller
Mr. Theodore R. Gamble Jr. and Ms. Susan L. Stupin
Mr. and Mrs. William Garvai
Mrs. Ronald Gelb
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. George
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Georgescu
Mr. Richard C. Gibbs
Ms. Susan T. Gibbs
Mr. George L. Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Gilbane
Mrs. Thomas Gilbane
Ms. Barbara W. Glauber
Ms. Suna Murray Gleason
Mr. Frederick W. Gluck
Mr. Donald J. Gogel and Ms. Georgia Grace Wall
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Goldenheim
Mr. Paul S. Goodof
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Goracy
Mr. Daniel F. Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Gordon
Ms. Martha C. Goss
Ms. Cheryl Gowdy
Mr. and Mrs. Curt Gowdy
Mr. and Mrs. Curt Gowdy, Jr.
Mr. Trevor Gowdy
Mr. C. Wesley Goyer
Mr. and Mrs. Rene Graef
Ms. Alison Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Graham
Mr. William Graham, Jr
Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Gray
Mr. and Mrs. Bruns Grayson
Mr. Edward D. Grayson
Ms. Cornelia A. Greaves
Mr. David F. Greeley
Ms. Emily Gregg
Mr. Russell Gregg
Ms. Kyle Gregory
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Griffin
Mr. John F. Groden
Ms. Alison K. Grogan
Ms. Alexandra N. Grogan
Mr. and Mrs. C. Jeffrey Grogan
Ms. Charlotte B. Grogan
Ms. Katherine W. Grogan
Mr. Nicholas F. Grogan
Mrs. Philip Grogan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Grogan
Mr. William H. Guenther
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip D. Gunn
Ms. Judith Broggini Gunner
Mr. Carlton L. Guthrie
Mr. Jeffrey S. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. James Hammond, III
Mr. and Mrs. Adrian N. Hancock
Mr. and Rev. Alistair M. Hanna
Mr. John C. Hansen, Jr.
Mr. Norman E. Hansen
Mrs. Thomas Hardart
Ms. Adele Bozza Hargreaves
Mr. and Mrs. F. Barton Harvey, III
Mr. John L. Harvey
Mr. Philip J. Hawk
Ms. Heather M. Hawkey
Mr. and Mrs. Don C. Hawley
Hawley Terminal Inc.
Mr. John Hayes, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Hehir
Mr. Paul R. Heinerscheid
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Heizman, Jr.
Ms. Kathryn Heizman Myers and Mr. Fred Myers Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor W. Henningsen, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Henry
Mr. Mark D. Herrero
Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Hetherington, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Higginson
Mr. William H. Hoar
Mr. and Mrs. David Hoare
Mr. Franklin W. Hobbs, IV
Mr. Robert A. Hoff

Mrs. Kenneth Holland
Mr. Cameron H. Holmes
Ms. Carrie Horwitz Eichberg
Mr. Buckley Hubbard, Jr.
Mr. Paul L. Hudson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Humphreyville
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip S. Hunter
Mr. Walter S. Isaacson
Mr. Brad C. Iverson
James M. Collins Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. George G. Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Jacobs, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ajit Jain
Mr. Todd K. Jennings
Mr. George S. Johnston, III
Mr. Oscar J. Junquera
Mr. and Mrs. Jon R. Katzenbach
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kaufman
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Keenan
Ms. Sheila Kennedy-Holtzman
Kenneth T. &E. Pixley Schiciano Charitable Fund
Ms. Frances Keyes
Mr. Yoichi Kimura
Ms. Adelaide Wilcot King
Mr. and Mrs. Ruffin King
Dr. Grayson L. Kirk
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Kissel
Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Kline
Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Koffsky
Mr. Stephen P. Koster
Mr. William F. Kuntz II and Ms. Alice Beal
Ms. Ilyana M. Kuziemko*
Mrs. Donna P. LaChance
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund K. Langley
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Latimer
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Leach
Mr. Charles T. Lee
Ms. Sue Lehmann
Mr. and Mrs. George Levy
Mr. Brett Lewis and Ms. Charlotte Ward
Ms. Katharine R. Lewis
Mr. Lincoln Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Lewis
Mr. Ralph E. Lewis, Jr.
Mr. Robert R. Lockwood, Jr.
Mrs. Henry Loeb, III
Mr. Henry G. Loeb
Ms. Mary G. Loeb
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Loeb
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Loomis
Mrs. William D. Loucks
Mrs. William Love
Ms. Nancy Lukitsh and Mr. Murray Metcalfe
Mrs. Douglas MacArthur
Ms. Suzanne M. Magaziner
Ms. Katherine O. Maloney*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marshall
Mr. Robert J. Massie
Mr. William L. Matassoni
Mrs. Worth Matthai
Mr. Timothy F. McCarthy
Ms. Debra R. McCoy*
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Shaw McDermott
Mr. and Mrs. James E. McGrath
Mrs. Horace McGuire
Dr. Joan McIlhenny
Ms. Gaye G. McIntosh
Mr. and Mrs. Dean R. McKay
McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Ms. Susan Meehan
Mr. William Meehan
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Merolla
Mesa, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Meyer, III
Mr. Dietmar Meyersiek
Dr. Ann Fay Mick and Mr. Charles A. Mick
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Miles
Ms. Christine Miller
Mr. Edgar A. Miller
Dr. York E. Miller
Ms. Diane L. Millikan and Mr. C.J. Heckman II
Mr. William G. Milliken, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Mills
Dr. James M. Mitchell
Mr. Rodney Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Moir
Ms. Esi Morgan Dewitt*
Morgan Guaranty Trust Company
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Moroney
Ms. Gretchen Moser Dudney
M. and Mme. Robert Motte
Mr. Lawrence P. Murphy
Ms. Suna Murray
Dr. Michael Muth
Mr. Richard A. Myers and Ms. Susan Reno Myers
Dr. George H. Nash, III
Mrs. Rosamond W. Neilson
Mr. and Mrs. Hassan Nemazee
The New York Community Trust
Mrs. Moody Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Nicholson Jr.
Ms. Arlene Benedict Nickerson
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Niemiec
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Nolen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. O’Block
Mr. John R. O’Connell
Mr. and Mrs. Juan Ocampo
Mr. and Mrs. Norman D. Oliver
Ms. Norine O’Malley-Simler
Sir David and Lady Orr
Ms. Diana Dillard Osborn
Mrs. R.J. Osborn, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Owen
Mr. Nathan R. Owen
The Park Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. A. Seymour Parker, Jr.
Mr. Harry L. Parker and Ms. Kathryn E. Keeler
Mrs. Nathaniel A. Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Parsons
Mr. Douglas A. Paul
Mrs. Edward T. Peabody
Dr. and Mrs. William Pendergast
Mr. Russell P. Pennoyer
Mrs. Charles E. Perkins
Ms. Martha L. Perlin
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur K. Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Peters
Mr. and Mrs. C. Gregg Petersmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. C. Wrede Petersmeyer
Mr. C. Wrede Petersmeyer, II
Ms F. Devon Petersmeyer and Mr. Christopher Johnson
Dr. Nancy Q. Petersmeyer
Ms. Susan C. Petersmeyer
Ms. Whitney F. Petersmeyer
Mrs. Anthony M. Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Pieper
Mr. and Mrs. J. Douglas Pitts
Mr. and Mrs. Byron H. Pollitt, Jr.
Professor Michael Porter
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Porterfield
Dr. Christopher J. Powers
Mr. John W. Powers, Jr.
Ms. Claire P. Prestel*
Ms. Edith S. Pripas
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund W. Pugh, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Anupam P. Puri
Ms. Elizabeth B. Purinton
Mrs. Sandra L. Purkayastha
Mr. Alfred W. Putnam, Jr.
Mr. George Putnam, III
Mrs. Harrington Putnam
Mr. Alan G. Quasha
Mr. and Mrs. W. Trent Ragland, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Ransom
Mr. David Rawle
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Rea
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Reese
Mr. Abbott L. Reeve
Mr. and Mrs. William Regan
Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Restler
Mr. Stephen P. Reynolds and Dr. Susan Wolf
Mr. Jude T. Rich
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Richdale, Jr.
Mr. Gary E. Robertson
Mr. and Mrs.Ronald Alan Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rogan
Mrs. Robert E. Rogers
Ms. Alice N. Rogoff
Mr. and Mrs.Dan J. Rohyans
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Romatowski
Mr. David L. Rome
Ms. Nadia A. Rosenthal
Mr. David A. Rothberg
Mrs. Guido Rothrauff
Mr. James H. Rowe
Mr. James H. Rowe III and Ms. Lucy S. Adams
The Sage Foundation
Salomon Foundation
Ms. Nanette Sand
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Sanford
Mr. Norman R. Sanson
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Sargent
Mrs. Alfred H. Savage
Mr. Leonard B. C. Schlemm, Jr.
Mr. Robert A. Schmitz
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Jay Schneider
Mr. James Schwabacher
Miss Phyllis G. Scoboria
Ms. Lu E. Seiler
Ms. Patricia Severance
Mr. Mark E. Shanker
Mr. Robert N. Shapiro
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Shea
Mr. and Mrs. Townsend Shean
Ms. Ellen Shedlarz
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Shutkin
Mr. and Ms. Sherrod E. Skinner III
Mr. Lawrence J. Siskind
Mr. Charles R. Skeele
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Slane
Mr. Douglas K. Smith
Ms. Helen H. Somes*
Ms. Carole Sorell
Mr. Guilford L. Spencer, III
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Stark
Miss Therese F. Steiner
Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Stevens
Mr. John Whitney Stillman
Mrs. Edward S. Stimpson
Mr. Keith L. Stock
Mr. R. Gregg Stone, III
Dr. and Mrs. Henry M. Strage
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Stutz
Ms. Caitlin Sullivan*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Swain
Ms. Colleen Sweeney
Mrs. Charles Sykes
Mr. and Mrs.Charbel H. Tagher
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Tannanbaum
Mr. Harri V. Taranto
Mr. Stuart Taylor
Mr. Volney Taylor
Mrs. Walter N. Thayer
Mr. and Mrs. W. McIlwaine Thompson Jr.
Mr. Robert T. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Thorsen
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tillinghast
Ms. Dee Collins Torbert
Mr. Charles H. Tower
Dr. Charles A. Tracy and Ms. Martha Hallett
Mr. Jon Eric Van Amringe
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome C. Vascellaro
Mr. and Mrs. David T. Vogt
Mr. William H. Volz
Mr. Hans H. Von Celsing
Mrs. Darrell Vorhees
Ms. Margaret M. Walter
Mrs. Raymond J. Walther
Dr. and Mrs. George Wantz
Dr. and Mrs. Frank T. Ward Jr.
Ms. Jennifer Waters and Mr. Todd Peterson
Dr. J. Brooks Watt and Ms. Karen King
Mrs. John B. Watt
Ms. Leslie Watt
Mr. David L. Weinberg and Ms. Michelle Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Weinberg
Mr. Robert C. Weiss
Mr. Roger L. Werner, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Skip White
Dr. and Dr. George Whitelaw
Ms. Jacqueline C. Whitney
Mr. Barry Wilderman
Mr. Eric R. Wilkinson
Mr. Patrick M. Wilkinson
Mr. Barry L. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Williams
Mr. Robert G. Wilson
Mr. Scott C. Wilson and Ms. Andrea de Cholnoky
Mr. Thomas W. Wilson, Jr.
Ms. Valerie A. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Roy S. Winkles
Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. George Wolff
Mr. and Mrs. H. Ward Wolff
Mrs. Ralph Wolff
Mr. James A. Wombwell
Mr. Thomas M. Woodard
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin T. Wright
Mrs. Kurt H. Wulff
Mr. Kimura Yoic
Ms. Margherita Yon
Mr. and Mrs David R. Young
Mr. Richard F. Young
Mr. Gene Zelazny
Ms. Christina J. Zink
Mr. Mortimer Zuckerman
Ms. Nancy A. Zweng
RADM and Mrs. Raymond Zeller USN (Ret.)
The Petersmeyer Family Fund
Ms. Brooke Mackenzie Ellison*
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Haughey
Ferne Jacobson Toccin and Daniel Toccin

* Award recipient