Selection Process


Each year, the schools nominate students for The Fitzie Award. While each school takes a slightly different approach to candidate selection, all include selection committees comprised of individuals who are committed to the goals of the Foundation and intimately familiar with the Foundation’s selection criteria.*

  • At Tenacre, all sixth-graders write an essay based on a school theme (e.g., “Character”), and a committee nominates three finalists to the Foundation.
  • At Dana Hall, a small committee nominates three to five exceptional eleventh-graders to the Foundation.
  • At Harvard, College, housemasters identify outstanding women in their junior year, and a small committee nominates three to five finalists.
  • At Harvard Business School, a selection committee nominates women in their second year of the MBA program.

Written Application

Upon nomination, each candidate is invited to complete a written application. The application includes a set of short answer and essay questions which enable the Trustees to get insight into each candidate’s story.

In-Person Interview

After the Foundation has carefully reviewed each application, all candidates are invited to an in-person interview with one or more Trustees of the Foundation.

Foundation Selection

The Trustees carefully review each finalist’s application and share insights gained from the interview. Grants are ultimately awarded to young women who possess a combination of the characteristics which Fitzie reflected in her life: pursuit of excellence, exceptional skill and dedication in a special area of interest or expertise, leadership, commitment to the community, academic excellence, a sense of exuberance, adventure and new horizons, compassion and understanding. Trustees look for individuals who are both outstanding in a specific respect and demonstrate balance, humanness and a strong system of personal values.

*Please note that in all cases, nominations are unsolicited by individuals or their families. Lobbying for a particular candidate is highly discouraged and may reflect poorly on the individual and on the school.