Tenacre Country Day School

Founded in 1910, Tenacre Country Day School in Wellesley, Massachusetts, is an independent elementary school for Pre-Kindergarten to Sixth Grade.

Tenacre embraces the elementary school years. As a Pre-Kindergarten through Sixth Grade school, they offer a dynamic and exciting environment in which children develop critical thinking skills, become confident and joyful learners, and move forward into higher education and life as caring citizens.

Mary Elizabeth M-M.

Tenacre Country Day School – 2010 Recipient

Daisy’s favorite subjects are science and social studies. She enjoys creating her own experiments in the lab and trying experiments that others think will fail. She was particularly pleased to figure out how to make a battery into a magnet. In Social Studies, Daisy is interested in learning about the actions and thoughts of people in the past. In her view, it is critical to learn about history so that the mistakes of the past are not repeated. Outside of school, Daisy loves to play sports. She is on a soccer team, and a member of two hockey teams. Remarkably, she is the only girl to play on the top boys’ hockey team in Wellesley.


Adrianna Gabrielle Brown
Julia Elizabeth London

On my first day of school she welcomed me, put me at ease, showed me around and was a lot of fun all at the same time. She was an 8-year-old goodwill ambassador. She was like no other 8-year-old I’ve ever known.
Fitzie was a spunky, fun-loving child, not unable to get herself into a pack of mischief but with the unique ability to come out smelling like a rose.
There was always a joyful greeting when we met in the hall, and she gave the happy impression that the world was a wonderful place, the day held exciting possibilities, and Tenacre was where she loved most to be. She always seemed to be in the center of a group of friends who found her happiness contagious.
She learned early on that each hour of the day had to count in order to compete with other skaters, to maintain good grades, and to have time left over for family and friends.
Fitzie began her skating career quite by happenstance. She began just by taking figure skating lessons and was soon spotted as a natural. She threw herself into these early days of skating with an enthusiasm and determination that were inspiring.
Fitzie was a well-adjusted little girl who was enthusiastic about life. She had a quick intelligence and was willing to work to achieve scholastic excellence. She was a loyal friend who was sensitive to the feelings of others. And she of course was a gifted athlete.
My overwhelming memory is her smile.